ROTOR VISUAL specializes in the development, operation and maintenance of unmanned aerial systems technology. With deep roots in radio controlled flight, computer information technology and photography / videography, we can help you safely and legally obtain the aerial imagery you need.

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Are you licensed or certified to operate drones?

Yes. Our pilots hold FAA Remote Pilot certificates with sUAS ratings under 14 CFR Part 107. faa.gov We also hold FCC licenses to use licensed radio frequency spectrum.

Are you a production company - do you provide full production services?

No. Our focus is on Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) - we work with production companies providing them with dedicated aerial services.

Do you have a separate person control the camera?

In most cases, having a separate photographer / cinematographer is our preferred method of operation as it ensures the safest operation and almost always yields better photos and footage. We work with several experienced aerial camera operators and can provide those services or we can work with your experienced aerial photographer or cinematographer.

Are you insured?

Rotor Visual carries aviation liability & hull insurance as well as optional on-demand liability insurance for unique situations.

How soon can you fly?

Depending on your shoot location, extra authorization may be required to operate in that airspace. Please contact us at least 2-3 weeks in advance so proper clearances can be obtained.

What kind of drones do you use?

We currently own and maintain the following aircraft:
  • DJI Inspire 2 - X4S & X5S Cameras
  • Octocopter 1200mm - for large cameras including Black Magic, RED, Sony and more.
  • Hexacopter 700mm - for smaller cameras and 360 VR cameras.
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro w/ Hasselblad camera
  • Custom built FPV Racing Quadcopters - GoPro - suitable for chasing fast moving objects.

How high can you fly?

In the US, 400 feet/122 meters AGL (Above Ground Level) unless additional clearance is obtained.

Can you fly at night?

We hold an FAA waiver (107.29) that allows us to operate at night. If your project needs night footage, please take into account that the planning phase will take extra time.

How far can you fly?

Several km/miles, however, FAA regulations require that we maintain VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) of our aircraft.

How long can you fly?

Flight times vary due to many contributing factors including weather and altitude. It also depends on what airframe and imaging gear is chosen for your project. Our multirotor aircraft can fly anywhere from 10-25 minutes on a set of batteries. We are equipped with chargers that can keep our battery packs charged for the whole project.

What kind of cameras can you fly?

Depending on the airframe that is selected for your project.

On our multirotor helicopters, we can fly anywhere from a GoPro to mirrorless and up through full frame DSLR, Blackmagic and RED cinema cameras.

How fast can you fly?

As with everything, it depends on the airframe and the payload it is carrying.

While a multirotor can hover and fly backwards, it cannot fly as fast as a fixed wing, which always has to move forward to stay in the air.

Larger multirotor helicopters: 55mph / 88km/h
FPV quadcopter: 70mph / 112km/h